Willoughby, a Warwickshire Village

Willoughby Parish Council

Welcome to the WPC page. On the right you can find the names of the councillors and view copies of agendas and minutes of council meetings. You will also be able to view notices and information from the council below.

If you have any concerns or suggestions in connection with the Village then contact Mike Thomas on 891338 or E-mail mikey-t@tiscali.co.uk

The Parish Council has embarked upon the process of qualifying to become a "Quality Council". When qualified the council should be empowered to take more decisions at Parish level in the future.

Dog fouling is again becoming a serious problem in the Village.

The 30mph zone has been extended in both Lower Street and moor Lane which will encourage drivers to slow down prior to entering the Village.

Dog Owners please note that new regulations have been introduced 8/09 regarding dog fouling. The order and explanatory note can be read by clicking on these links,


The Willoughby Parish Plan