Willoughby, a Warwickshire Village

Calendar of Events

Popmobility Fitness Sessions - Monday 3:00 pm and Teusday 7:30 pm,  and Pilates - Monday Evening 6:00 pm, in the Village Hall

Date Time Organisation Event Venue
07-Oct-17 14:00 Village Hall Jumble Sale Village Hall
08-Oct-17 11:00 Church Family Service Church
12-Oct-17 14:30 Thursday Club Wildlife Crime - Craig Fellows Village Hall
14-Oct-17 19:30 Willoughby Society Holy Moly & the Crackers in Concert Village Hall
15-Oct-17 16:00 Church Evensong Church
19-Oct-17 12:30 Thursday Club Pub Lunch - Kings Head  Napton
19-Oct-17 19:30 Women's Institute Victorian Housekeeping - Ruth Smith Village Hall
22-Oct-17 11:00 Church Holy Communion Church
25-Oct-17 19:30 Willoughby Society Anglo-Saxon Cemetery excavation 2015 - Alan Standish Village Hall
29-Oct-17 10:30 Church Benefice Holy Communion Church
04-Nov-17 18:00 Church Bonfire Party Moor Lane
09-Nov-17 14:30 Thursday Club Deserted & Abandoned Villages - Mike Tebbitt Village Hall
12-Nov-17 11:00 Church Remembrance Service Grandborough Church
16-Nov-17 12:30 Thursday Club Pub Lunch  
19-Nov-17 16:00 Church Evensong Church
23-Nov-17   Thursday Club Milton Keynes Shopping  
25-Nov-17 14:00 Village Hall Christmas Fayre Village Hall
26-Nov-17 11:00 Church Holy Communion Church
29-Nov-17 19:30 Willoughby Society AGM Village Hall
01-Dec-17 19:30 Willoughby Society A Christmas Carol - A Folk Opera Village Hall
03-Dec-17 16:00 Church Christingle Service Church
04-Dec-17   Cricket Club Bottle Bingo Pavillion
14-Dec-17   Thursday Club Christmas Dinner Village Hall
22-Dec-17 18:00 Church Carol Singing Village
31-Dec-17     New Year Party Village Hall
11-Jan-18 14:30 Thursday Club Games Afternoon Village Hall
18-Jan-18 12:30 Thursday Club Pub Lunch  
27-Jan-18 07:30 Willoughby Society Implement Quiz also bring an Odd tool and implement for identification - Bert Manton Village Hall
02-Feb-18 07:30 Willoughby Society Noble Jacks in Concert - Live & Local Village Hall
08-Feb-18 14:30 Thursday Club The History of Sayings & Nursery Rhymes - Norman Oates Village Hall
15-Feb-18 12:30 Thursday Club Pub Lunch  
28-Feb-18 07:30 Willoughby Society The History of Crime Fiction from Sherlock Holmes to Kindle - John Martin Village Hall
08-Mar-18 14:30 Thursday Club AGM Village Hall
15-Mar-18 12:30 Thursday Club Pub Lunch  
28-Mar-18 07:30 Willoughby Society Chair Seating & Other Rural Skills - the odd chair Village Hall
25-Apr-18 07:30 Willoughby Society Mawming & Mooning: the minds of medieval masons - Bob Tubshaw Village Hall
27-Apr-18 07:30 Willoughby Society An Ensonglopedia of Science - Live & Local Village Hall
30-May-18 07:30 Willoughby Society Light Fantastic 1000 years of stained glass - Keith Cattell Village Hall
03-Jun-18     Big Lunch Village Hall
30-Jun-18     Willoughby Festival Playing Field
26-Sep-18 07:30 Willoughby Society Life in AD600 - Richard Denning Village Hall
31-Oct-18 07:30 Willoughby Society National Trust Properties in the East Midlands - Alan Tyler Village Hall