Willoughby, a Warwickshire Village

The Natural World of Willoughby

The Willoughby Society amongst its other activities keeps an eye out for flora and fauna and has since 2007 kept notes of interesting observations. Over time they have become more frequent and include references to weather conditions, sketches, and pictures. These fascinating notes are readily available to look at and enjoy simply click on the links on the right.

Various people have compiled the notes over the years. The current recorder is Sue Skinner. If you see something worthy of being noted please enter it into a sighting form (see below) or send a note via the feedback form which will be passed on the her.

As part of the examination of the planning application to put a cemetery & crematorium on the site of Big Grounds just off Moor Lane, Ken Miles produced a report on wildlife in the area (click here to read it). Unfortunately it is clear that we have been rather remiss in the past by not keeping detailed records of sightings of animals, plants, etc. which meant there wasn't a great deal of reliable information to quote. In order to improve our records and knowledge any sightings can now be added to a village datbase by pressing the button below. A simple form will open for you to complete. Please provide as much information as possible expecially about the location.

'Gardens Go Wild' Is you garden wildlife friendly ? if it is apply for an award, if not find out what you can do to make it friendly !! click to find out more

If the sighting is of a very common species e.g. Blue Tit then it need not be added to the database unless it is in an unusual place or its behaviour is unusual. If in doubt please report the sighting. A list of very common species is provided below. This will be updated from time to time.

Sighting Report Form

May 2017 Bird Survey Form click here to download

Common Species seen in Willoughby:

Birds:  Blackbirds, Blue Tits, Chaffinch, Collared Doves, Dunnock, Crows, Great Tits, House Sparrow, Jackdaws,  Long Tailed Tits, Mallard Ducks and Ducklings, Moorhens and Chicks, Pied Wagtail,  Pigeons, Robins, Rooks, Starlings, Thrushes, Wood Pigeons